Diego Marigno

Self-Taught Photographer

Currently living in Bogotá, Colombia.

My work is primarily based in emotions, and the beauty within imperceptible moments.

I believe that photography is a way to break time itself and allow for mere moments to become eternal. It's a way to take something that is effimerous and freeze it, inside of a film, or a digital file.

The ability that we have to share what we know allows us to create. If you've got something to share with me, please do.

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I believe that photography is like food... we either love it the moment we see it, or we don't. 

I'm constantly updating and uploading my photography work into this same website.  Go and check it out!

I have a passion for out-of-the-box ideas, as well as sunsets.

Photography is about capturing moments.

Capturing moments is always possible with good planning and patience. By combining these two qualities, anything can be achieved. In the following numbers you can know a bit more about my previous work as a photographer. If you have any doubt, feel free to reach out to me!

These numbers are updated monthly.


Photo Sessions

This is only the photo sessions made professionally, it does not include any of the personal photographic work that I have done.



This number is calculated manually by myself, it is the amount of unique moments that I have captured ever since I'm taking photographs.

Let me help you capture your moments.

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